Handpan · 10. January 2020
A LUNA Handpan - left outside in the frost for three nights and days - no damage in sound or laquer.
Handpan · 27. September 2019
The deep sister of the typical D-Minor Handpan Scale - also related to Kurd - Celtic - Pygmy - Mystic and many more, based on Aeolian Minor Handpan-Scale.
Handpan · 25. August 2019
( Für deutschen Text bitte nach unten scrollen. )
Handpan · 15. July 2019
I am happy to announce my cooperation with Mayiia. The last weeks where dedicated to the creation of these 10 Instruments - they will be available for the upcoming workshop Mayiia will give in the area around Berlin. All of those instruments are compatible to another, jet every single one is in a different scale. They are all based on aeolian minor, with a C3 Ding. All have been laquered with japanese Urushi - here are some impressions of the different colors - What you see here seems like a...
Handpan · 25. May 2019
( Deutscher Text folgt unten ! ) I am happy to present you today the first LUNA "Silvermoon" made of nickel silver. The constant further development of the LUNA Handpan also includes the testing of new materials in cooperation and collaboration with my metal turning shop in Germany. This time it is a very special and for Handpan rather unusual material, namely nickel silver. Nickel silver is a copper nickel zinc alloy. The special thing about Handpan construction is that copper alloys are...
Handpan · 18. May 2019
The Yin Mei Scale is LUNA-Scale wich is a Minor aeolian Hexatonic, with a very distinctive mystical flavor. It evokes images of mystic nights, of space, stars and the moon - the hidden origin of everything. Its character is obscure and dreamlike, but still keeps balance because of the missing minor third. The design was applied with gold powder and was special requested to make this handpan an individual beauty. Thanks to Xing Cen for this request - it was a pleasure to build this Handpan for...
Handpan · 06. December 2018
This Luna is pre grinded after the last heating process. This is done, after the last heating process, but before fine tuning, since the grinding detunes the instrument. The reason for grinding is because this one was requested in fire-red laquering. Since the metall starts to oxide in the process of heating, the coroding layer darkens the surface of the metall. After grinding the light steel appears again, wich is neccesary for the used Kijomi Urushi to appear in a cherry-reddish color and...
Handpan · 03. December 2018
Welcome to the LUNA Handpan - Blog ! Here you will find additional information about the LUNA Handpan and Handpans, Hang Hang and Hangdrums in general.
Handpan · 09. October 2018
About the confusion in Handpan - Scales...and why the LUNA is now offered in the 8 LUNA core-scales only.