Butterfly - Dream



48cm x 68cm



Material: Watercolor on chinese ShuXuan



(no opaque white used !)

Butterfly-Dream Atmospheric fantasy watercolor & ink art by sebastian rutkowski - http://moonlight-art.com

Original Painting

available for purchase  

(220 USD) 


What do butterflies dream of ? 

There is a story about one of my favorite philosophers, Dschuang Dsi.

He once dreamed that he was a butterfly, flying happily around in a lovely landscape. After awakening from this dream, he said it was so real, that he now does not know, if he is Dschuang Dsi, who had been awakened from a dream, or if he actually is a butterfly, now dreaming that he is Dschung Dsi.


For more information and work in progress pictures you can visit this Blog-Entry

The Painting is available with or without frame.