Hello, I am Sebastian Rutkowski

a german-born  artist & sound-smith.


Meanwhile passing lots of different stages on my live-trail, such as an education as Biotechnologist, working as commissioner, working as gardener, and at least as educationalist in the forest-kindergarten, there where three stable elements, that always accompanied me: 


My very deep interest into cultures and philosophy.

My love to nature.

My passion for art. 


My way always leads me back to these three elements. 


I create art, with strong asian influences and techniques, between   Shan-Shui and the Phantastic, with clear focus on the mood that I want to express. 


This is true for both: 


The visual art and paintings, 

als well as for the accustic art, in form of Luna Handpans.


For the rules and ways of painting and music are closely related to each other, I love both.


To keep the connection to the ground

I tend to do as many processes by my own hands & without machines, as possible.


For example mixing colors with pigments and binders, sizing the paper, or crafting all solutions like Alumen-Gelatine-Solutins or Shell-Lacquer-Soap for the paintings, 


as well as hammering and tuning the Handpan for I really enjoy  to work with my hands and love the connection this generates with the materials I work with.


My work is a try, to reach people, but also to balance myself on my way, to get in relation with my "three companions".


The philosophy of the Dao,

the spirit of nature,

and the fate in beauty.


Thank you for follow me a piece of way on this road.


Have a blessed day,













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