The not-teaching Muse


24cm x 32cm





Sumi Ink, Goldleaf

& Graphite







The Muse of not-teaching - atmospheric fantasy watercolor & ink paintings by sebastian rutkowski - moonlight-art



for puchase


(120 USD) 


Muse of "not-teaching"



Another personal painting for my Yao-Yin-Oracle.

The Muse of "not-teaching" closes all books. She tells you not to learn even more, but to loose knowledge, and by loosing knowledge becoming free to let yourself being carried by the wind, like a butterfly. Most people only know the worth of knowledge, but they don´t know the bad side of it. By not searching for more knowledge, but clinging to the mysterious and secret, the Muse also asks yourself for not teaching others.

Keep your teachings. Don´t take others as your students, no matter for what. Mostly we all think we know something, somehow better than others, or that we have more experience, etc. Let all of that go. Close your books. Secret. Mystery. Feel the wind. And flow.