Mountains, Clouds & Moon



46cm x 96cm







Chinese Ink

& Goldleaf 23k




Shu-Xuan Rice-Paper

& original 





Mountains and Water - Atmospheric fantasy watercolor & ink art by sebastian rutkowski - moonlight-art original silk scroll for sale asian painting
Mountains-Clouds-and-Moon-Atmospheric watercolor and ink paintings by sebastian rutkowski - asian style -  moonlight-art

Original Painting

available for purchase  

(520 USD) 


Worked on many layers. You can get some insight in the process of this painting, at my blog, here.


The text on the painting is a quote from LaoTsu´s Dao de Jing.


"...under heavens and earth, there is nothing softer than water. 

Although it is soft, there is nothing comparable in overcome the hardness.

Everybody nows, that the soft wins against the hard, but nobody is able to act like this..."