LUNA DIANA ( G2 Ding - Version )

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A few impressions of the DIANA Scale.


This is a full heptatonic aeolian minor scale.


It could be called the deep sister of the popular D-Minor Handpan Scales, like Kurd, Integral, Celtic, Mystic, Pygmy and many more, that are based on the interval-structure of the aeolian minor mode.


The G2 Ding can be seen as subdominant, wich makes it a pure D-Minor Scale, starting with a D3, wich is usually the Ding on D-Minor Scales, with the lowest tonefield in the chorus, and finishing the scale with the D4.


Very compatible to all typical D-Minor Handpans, but much deeper and lower - a deep bass-version.

Here are some pictures and a video impression.


( Keep in mind, please that this is a very deep version, and the G2 Ding is a very low tone, that will NOT be heard through smartphone speakers. You will need better speakers or headphones to gat an impression of it. )


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