Handpan · 31. July 2020
If you are interested in purchasing a handpan - this video might give you some background information about the LUNA Handpan.
Handpan · 16. June 2020
New design on polished LUNA Handpan.
Handpan · 25. May 2020
Some impressions of the green Urushi coating in the south german spring sun.
Handpan · 25. April 2020
My thoughts on heating and hardening the LUNA Handpan on classic fire...
Handpan · 07. April 2020
HEKATE - some impressions. Non-Steel, polished and engraved.
Handpan · 07. April 2020
Der Frühling im Allgäu - zwischen Corona-Krise, Handpans und Tomaten.
Handpan · 10. January 2020
A LUNA Handpan - left outside in the frost for three nights and days - no damage in sound or laquer.
Handpan · 27. September 2019
The deep sister of the typical D-Minor Handpan Scale - also related to Kurd - Celtic - Pygmy - Mystic and many more, based on Aeolian Minor Handpan-Scale.
23. September 2019
Hello dear people. Today I would like to present you with a different kind of video then my usual ones, in wich want to provide some more in-depth-information about the LUNA, and my personal approach to the handpan. This is intended mostly for people who are interested in a LUNA and due to many request I received, I thought it would be a good idea to provide my point of view and some hopefully helpful information with a video. I tried to give an honest talk about the pros and contras of my LUNA...
Handpan · 25. August 2019
( Für deutschen Text bitte nach unten scrollen. )

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