Handpan · 06. December 2018
This Luna is pre grinded after the last heating process. This is done, after the last heating process, but before fine tuning, since the grinding detunes the instrument. The reason for grinding is because this one was requested in fire-red laquering. Since the metall starts to oxide in the process of heating, the coroding layer darkens the surface of the metall. After grinding the light steel appears again, wich is neccesary for the used Kijomi Urushi to appear in a cherry-reddish color and...

Handpan · 03. December 2018
Welcome to the LUNA Handpan - Blog ! Here you will find additional information about the LUNA Handpan and Handpans, Hang Hang and Hangdrums in general.

Handpan · 09. October 2018
About the confusion in Handpan - Scales...and why the LUNA is now offered in the 8 LUNA core-scales only.
Art · 29. November 2015
Finally I did it. This picture was a lot of work, even if it may not look so. There are lots and lots of layers of soft grey washes done here. It may not reach the hundred-mark, but I am sure there are about 60-80 layers. For those who are interested in, I managed to remind my self of taking some work in progress pictures... so here they are:

Art · 25. November 2015
Thanks to STelari for her suggestion! I really was surprised how much feedback I got after the suggestion of my painting "Muse of the solitude" as Daily Deviation. It really works as kind of a catalyst for my trie to stepping onto the way of an artist. Thank you so much, and thanks to the community of deviant-art. Greetings, Sebastian
Workspace atelier Art Moonlight-Art Sebastian Rutkowski Room Desktop traditional Chinese asian sumi ink Moonlight
Art · 27. October 2015
Since I decided to do art more seriously and sooner or later for a living, we now did some structural changes in our home. Thanks to my girlfriend, I now have a own room as painting- and working-room ! What great luck ! The room is about 3,50 meters wide and 5 meters long. But one thing I love the most is the hight of about 2,50 meters ! Enough space over the head for creative input :) Have a look:

Art · 04. March 2014
No Scetches were done for this one. I found out that I am not very good at "planning" my works. It´s more the way of "natural growing", with all the mistakes that may happen, which I choose. So I start with a "wild" layer of traditional japanese Sumi Ink, and then "see" the picture. You don´t know were you are about to going with this method, but if it works you will get some kind of "natural harmony" without too many interruptions of the "artists artistic artificiality" :) Ask me if you want...

Art · 25. November 2013
After a while, not being able to paint, I decided to finish this pice :

Art · 20. November 2013
The word “Notan” comes from the traditional japanese art and means the tone-value of a picture. "No" has the meaning of dark, saturated ink ( traditional japanese painting is mostly done in black-white ), while "Tan" has the meaning of more diluted, and brighter ink. I started now, making such small “Notans”, finding them to be a good help in planning a picture. Even if the later painting is with colors, the tone-values have a very important rule, in how the picture impact on the...

Art · 19. November 2013
As a turn of faith, I am currently located in Ecuador, next to the capitol Quito. I am not completely happy with it, but will return to Germany in December, so it´s what you would call an interesting experience. Because of the situation, my workspace is much smaller, than it used to be, but have a look on your own:

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