Some information about the LUNA

Hello dear people. 
Today I would like to present you with a different kind of video then my usual ones, in wich want to provide some more in-depth-information about the LUNA, and my personal approach to the handpan.
This is intended mostly for people who are interested in a LUNA and due to many request I received, I thought it would be a good idea to provide my point of view and some hopefully helpful information with a video.
I tried to give an honest talk about the pros and contras of my LUNA Handpans, my tuning-approach and the playing style it is built for, so have as much ground as possible to decide wether the LUNA is the right Handpan or not.
I dont have a very fast Internet here, why I did not want to make the video-file too long and big, so I did not cover everything ( for example the laquer and the resistance to corrosion, saltwater etc. ) so a second video might follow.
However, I hope I could cover some important things for you to know.
If you still have questions ( AFTER watching the video ! ­čśë )
 please dont hesitate to contact me.
Have a nice time,