My Workspace - most important things 

As a turn of faith, I am currently located in Ecuador, next to the capitol Quito.

I am not completely happy with it, but will return to Germany in December, so it´s what you would call an interesting experience. 

Because of the situation, my workspace is much smaller, than it used to be, but have a look on your own:

In these day´s I use only japanese Watercolors, called “Shin-Gansai”. I prefer the one´s from the Holbein Corp. 

They have excellent shining and brightness and are really fluid. (You can see the Box in the back, the dark-brown one under the window.

I made this experience often: Whenever the question comes to quality, japanese stuff is one of the first choice. ( For example the tools, papers, clothes, etc.) 

As you can see I use Chinese Brushes, and German Paper. 

The Paper is made of Bamboo, has a nice surface and is a very good end ecological Paper.

I use japanese Sumi, what is a kind of ink for my black, because it is a lively black, with a very soft bluish tone. The sumi is solid, you have to rub it on stone, together with water to make the tone you want.

Also a very important tool are the small naps of ceramic, you can see on the picture.

They allow me to mix a special color or tone, that I use for larger areas, without great changes in the color. I came to these ones very late, but now I don`t want to miss them.

Of course I have certain other things I use, like rubbers, pencils, pens, salt and alcohol for creating texture, etc. but I think these are the most important things for my work by now.

Greetings Sebastian

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