The Luna - Soundsculpture

The Luna




     Ecologically handcrafted  Instruments, treated with

     traditional Japanese Urushi Laquer.



     Organic. Resistent. Beautiful. Unique. 



     The Harmonic fusion of the Handpan Instrument 

     & the thousands of years old chinese & japanese 

     craftsmanship of lacquering.



     For more impressions browse Impressions, or watch some

     of the video examples below. 



      For purchasing a Luna, or more information  

      about  pricing, 

      and possible models, please use the contact formula.



     More Information about Luna Handpans & Urushi

     Laquer, you will find in the about-section.



      Luna Handpans are mostly tuned in Asian,

      chinese or japanese scales - for other requests,

      please write me an E-Mail with the wanted scale.

Luna Handpans - Soundsamples


Augmented Akebono


Yatao on Luna Handpan




Cis Moll Harmonic Minor

Daylight - chinese Pentatonic