How much does a LUNA cost?



A regular LUNA with 8 Tonefields in the chorus + central Note with laquering is offered for 1400€. 




How do I get one?



As a small manufacturer I do most of my LUNAs on personal commission. If you are intereted in one, please contact me via the form together with your wished scale, the prefered laquering and questions, and I will get back to you soon.


Sometimes I can also offer instruments on stock, but currently this offering is very limited. I am aiming to beeing able to offer more instruments on stock, soon.



How long is the waiting time?



This hardly depends on the current amount of request I have. From past experience and as a rough guidline, its mostly in the range of 3 Months from date of request. But I will tell you more after contact.



Do you ship internationally?



I do. Shipping is alway insured and free to almost every country with little exceptions.

However, if it is anyhow possible I would highly recommand and wish people to catch up their instrument personally, for testing it with your own hands and feeling compfortable before purchase.



How is the payment done?



For the feeling of safety I prefer Paypal as payment method, because customers as well as I myself are protected via the Paypal Buyers Protection. However, there are of course people who dont have paypal, so I do also accept normal bank transfer.


If you are catching up the instrument personally, what is highly welcomed, then you also might pay in cash.


I do not take a pre-paiment by the way.


Only when the instrument is ready and you decide to buy it after personal testing ( or after a small video I always send if that is not possible) you have to pay.



Do Handpans get out of tune?


Simpel answer: yes.


Like every other musical instrument that exists they do get out of tune with time. However, we are talking about a quite longe time in the case of Handpans, like years.


In the last past years the market changed rapidly and it will change more rapid in future, as chinese firms began the mass production of handpans. However, beside the quality of sound and tuning, a main property of quality Handpans is the tonal-stability.


LUNA Handpans are dedicated toward high tonal stability, which should make them stay in tune for years. But due to the complexity of the structure of tonefields and internal tensions of the handpan, I offer a 3 year warranty of free retuning. The only cost you have to carry are shipping costs if you want to make use of this service.


Also there can always happen something unexpacted, like you let the instrument drop down, or some unweary stranger gave it an unintentional hit, etc so you will feel save with that service. Of course I offer retuning service also after the 5 years have past, for a small fee.



What is your Urushi-Laquer and does it dampen the sound?



For this topic, please visit the special Laquer-Section.



I already own a Handpan and I want a second one, but with a special tuning that matches the first one - can you offer that?



In most cases I can. There are however certain scales I am unable to build on my shells. This is due to certain frequencys that interfer with themselfs in a bad way on certain shell-sizes. For my Luna-Shell size, this frequency is the B4 - so I avoid tunings and scales with B2, B3 and B4, as well as tunings with E3 as central note, for E3 has the B4 as Quinte-Octave. Anything else, please contact me and we will see.




Do you offer bags?




Bags will be available soon.


Meanwhile and for immedeatly purchase I can highly recommand you to who are producing high quality, handpan bags.



Can I visit you?



Of course you can ! Please contact me via the formular to make a date. However, because I am a small manufacturer and I produce on small quanties, the amount of instruments I have here on stock for testing and immedeatly purchase is very varying. Sometimes I have lots, sometimes I alsmost have none. Please contact me before you plan to vist, so I can tell you the actual situation and what kind of scales I can offer here for testing and purchase.


By the way, I also plan to change that and offer a certain stock of instruments to test right here in future.




I am very interested, bu I don´t kown which scale...



Now, that is a difficult one. I made the virtual LUNA-Scales in the try to help people with that problem. All I can say, take your time.

A handpan is not a chromatic instrument, which means you are bound to a certain scale. It is of utmost importance that its a scale that resonates with you personally.


I know of many people reselling a fast buyed handpan with "any scale" beacause it was available at that moment. Dont do that mistake.

A handpan is a personal piece, I myself had many hours with every LUNA here, and I wish my customers to be happy with their instruments. So take your time, listen to various scales in my video-section, or from others on Youtube.


If you do so, I want to mention that you should carefully listen to the scale - many youtube-videos are very impressive, especially if the player is a great one. But remeber that you are looking for a scale here, and not for the playing technique, as in the end you will be the one to let your fingers dance over the scale.



Anything else?



You are most welcome to ask freely. Very best greetings, Sebastian.